Thursday, October 18, 2012

Royally mine...

      I have a princess in my house... she doesn't wear a tiara, glass slippers or fancy dresses but she is my princess none the less.

      Alana has been sick all week and Ive been sick worried for her. She has asthma and bronchitis which it's not a good combination. Today she woke up feeling better and when she saw me frosting some cakes in the kitchen she asked where were her cakes. I make cakes for everybody and for the most important person in my life I always make something special.

      Alana is one of those kids that has a stool so she can "help" me when I'm cooking, she makes sure everything I do it's up to her quality and flavor and she even has her own cookie cutters, rolling pin, set of spatulas, whisk and spoon (the whisk, spoon and spatulas are pink and have piggies on them). She loves rolling dough to make sugar cookies, loves pouring sugar on them and opening the door of the oven to check if they are done. She eats the frosting on top of the cupcakes, eats frosting alone with a spoon or finger and eats the cupcake alone, without frosting. I love everything about her, she's 46 pounds of deliciousness and like everything I bake I made her from scratch.

      So to my little princess I made this cupcakes, she loves the Disney Princesses and already decided she wants her birthday next year to be about them, castle cake and all. It's a good thing she has a mom that loves to bake. These cupcakes are simple vanilla cake but it's important that when you bake cupcakes you don't over bake them so they end up being rich and moist.

      The other day someone on the street told me how cute my daughter was and I answered she absolutely is. She heard me talking to that person and everyday she asks me if she is cute and everyday I answer her the same thing... You're the cutest girl in the entire world. Does it sound like I'm in love with my daughter? It must be because I am...