Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here we go...

      Anticipation can be a good thing but it can also be bad. For someone like me it can be a cause of death... I like everything here and now, if I have an idea I have to make it as soon as possible and I never (well, almost never) leave a project incomplete... I've tried but I find myself unable to sleep and showering at 2am and finishing at that time.

      I've been preparing myself for a very important trip for me. My daughter and I will leave on Friday to visit my baby sister in New York. It might not be a big deal for some people but I am hoping that by going away I can find the strength I have lost over the past few years and I can somehow get back in the right path. You could say I'm going away to find inspiration, a way to find myself again. My daughter will be starting going to school in August so this will be a good way to spend a little mommy and me time, be happy, have fun and enjoy ourselves... I have high hopes for this trip.

      I'm so proud of both my sisters. They have grown to be fine women, so smart, so beautiful and so wise. Even at my lowest they have been there for me and that means the world to me, to be able to count with that kind of support and LOVE. My little sister lives in New York where she is a nurse and she is so good at it, we always new she had passion and so much love to give to others and she is right where she belongs.

      So you see, the anticipation for this trip has been killing me, the packing, the waiting, wanting to give her a big, big hug that will make me cry. I've been needing that hug, from her, needing it REALLY bad. So I've kept myself busy for the past week and made two projects. The first was a fruit and cream mini tarts and the second was artistic gelatin. I've never done them before but by searching on the internet and researching it's pretty easy to find a way to start.

      For the tarts I made everything from scratch, the tart dough, the pastry cream and the glaze. It was delicious and so fresh, perfect for this hot summer. The gelatin was a little different. I was working on it for three days straight, trying recipes, practicing how to inject the gelatin, colors, flavors, gelatin consistency... it's really a work of art. Here are some pictures of these projects that have kept me busy and sane for this past week.

      I realized that I was going to be spending the 4th of July in there so I managed to pack all my baking basics in my suitcase, it's a big suitcase so half of it has baking stuff in it, I'm THAT crazy. I'm excited so I will be posting updates of my trip, pictures and of course the 4th of July desserts I will be making for my sister, her boyfriend and her friends... Have I mentioned I'm EXCITED?!! Till' next time, wish me a good trip!!